All New Prices for the Monkey Mountain Retreat, List of Teachers Complete

Dear monkeys, I received word that some of you found the monkey mountain retreat, Aug 17 to 26, expensive or just not affordable.

I am happy to announce that we found a way to reduce the prices by round about 300€.

Find out more about the new prices: follow the booking link or read the full description.

By the way: The list of teachers is now complete: Uli Schuchart (Yoga), Simon Lemcke (AcroYoga), Guido Burkhardt (AcroYoga & Yoga) and Ralph Buse (AcroYoga & Healing Arts)

Reminder: Do yoga, AcroYoga & Healing Arts at the beautiful Villa Vallerosa in the Sabina Hills, 60 km north of Rome, Italy. Join us to rediscover and consolidate the strength of your body and mind! Join uns for 9 days of body and mind empowerment. Language: [DE / EN]

This journey is for beginner to intermediate to advanced. Everybody’s welcome!

[> follow this ticket link for booking and price information]

[> follow this ticket link for the full description]


28. April 2018

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