International Movement & AcroYoga Community Meeting

Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd of September, 2,5 days of community meeting, focused on finding your vision, weaving stronger communities and boost you practice

In a Nutshell

We get together to learn from the experience of local and international experts in different disciplines. We want to explore movement, strengthen our practice and go beyond to look for our true motivations and talents to connect and cocreate the places and projects we want to live in.

No matter where you are you will discover new ways to move, relate and fly, move your practice to the next level, expand and strengthen our network of knowledge and people to play near and far. Explore our focus, play, do acro, yoga, and build community.
Prepare to enjoy a weekend of challenges, laughter and deep relaxation afterwards.

In Kürze

Dieses Event richtet sich an jeden Menschen, der AcroYoga, Movement, Akrobatik, Healings Arts oder Yoga praktiziert. Im Mittelpunkt steht — allgemein verstanden:

Was ist Deine Vision? Mal ganz ohne ‚eigentlich‘? Wer steht Dir auf dem Weg dahin zur Seite? Wie geht das gemeinsam, so dass alle stärker werden?

Du weißt, dass Dich Deine Praxis für den Moment befreien kann. Wir nutzen diese Kraft gezielt für aktive Perspektivwechsel, die Dich, Deine aktuelle Vision für Dein Leben oder Deine Praxis und eine gesunde Gemeinschaft ins Zentrum stellen.

Leg los, benutz Deinen Körper, spür Deine Kraft, Deinen Willen, Deine Verletzlichkeit. Drück Dich aus. Auch in Worten. Vor Dir & anderen.

Deine Vision. Gemeinsam finden und umsetzen.

Program (classes might move, shrink or extend)

You might find minor changes to the program posted earlier. This is the current. The major changes are the following: we made 2 hour slots throughout, Yoga class starts at 8am instead of 7am, Heidi Blais gives another workshops in the afternoon from 5pm to 7pm – this time for the advanced among you — and then come to find … „moving chocolate“. Want more? there is yet another day …

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Local and international teachers


Bring a sleeping bag and all the stuff you feel comfortable with for sleeping. There is enough space for everyone in the Center — after the last event of the day.


We ask you for your cooperation to make this happen: share with the Global and Local Communities, Thank you!

We offer a few free entrances to best photo or content (youtube video/blog) if they share in Facebook, Instagram with at least 8 or all of the tags below and a link to this FB event page. An appealing image or video with a short text inviting to „play with us, strengthen your community“:

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Economical exchange & Booking

Please follow the ticket link for pricing information and booking.


Classes have a value.

120 euros complete weekend
111 for partners
108 special disconunt if you really need it mention „St Pauli Monkey“.

break it down
50 day
12 workshop
5 jam

Money is not a Hindrance. It is what we do with it, Herzlich apreaciation, dankbar, exchenge. If you give nothing you can take nothing. We have always enough Time, Love, Appreciation and Thankfulness.

Official Flyer


23. August 2017

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